What If World Test Championship 2023 Final Draws?

The upcoming World Test Championship 2023 (WTC) final between India and Australia is expected to mark a significant milestone for the sport of cricket. Scheduled to take place from June 7 to June 11, 2023, this highly anticipated encounter at the Kennington Oval Stadium in London is expected to draw worldwide attention.

Rohit Sharma, a great batsman and former vice-captain of the Indian cricket team, will be the captain of India in this important match. Pat Cummins, a famous Australian fast bowler known for his excellent skills and leadership, will lead the Australian team.

The WTC final marks the culmination of a long and grueling journey that began in 2021 with England vs India Test series, signaling the start of the World Test Championship 2021-23. This event has pitted the world’s top cricketing nations against each other in a fierce battle for supremacy in the longest format of the game. The WTC final will undoubtedly be a fitting finale to this prestigious tournament, offering cricket fans a feast of skill, passion, and drama.

India and Australia are two of the best cricket teams in the world, and they will test their skills and abilities in the WTC final. This event will give them a chance to show how good they really are, and cricket fans are excited to see what happens. It will be a historic moment that everyone is looking forward to.

Journey to WTC Final

World Test Championship 2023 Final

The Australian cricket team played 19 matches in the International Cricket Council Test tournament. They won 11 of those matches, lost 3, and tied 5. This means they had a winning percentage of 66.67, which was the best of all the teams. So, they were at the top of the points table.

The Indian cricket team played 18 matches, won 10, lost 5, and tied 3. This gave them a winning percentage of 58.80, which was the second-best. So, they were in second place in the points table.

India and Australia are going to play in the World Test Championship (WTC) final in 2023. Both teams are trying hard to win this title for the first time ever. They have picked their best players to play in this important game. It’s going to be a very exciting and historic match!

WTC Points System

The authorities faced widespread controversy over the initial points system implemented in the inaugural edition of the World Test Championship. Consequently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) opted to modify the points system for the 2021-23 cycle of the WTC. Under the revised system, the winning team will be awarded 12 points. Whereas a tie will earn the team 6 points. In the event of a drawn Test, each team will receive 4 points. While the losing team will not receive any points.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) developed a fair system for teams playing in a series with a different number of matches. They call it the percentage of points won system.

But there’s a rule that teams have to follow: they need to bowl a certain number of overs within a specific time. If they don’t, they’ll lose a point for each over they don’t bowl. This means that the authorities will penalize them, making it harder for them to win.

Which team will win if the World Test Championship 2023 final is a draw?

India is at the top of the WTC points table. But that doesn’t mean they’ll win if the match ends in a draw. If bad weather affects the match. They have a reserve day on June 23 to make up for the lost time. But if the match is still a draw even after using the reserve day. Both teams will be declared joint winners because there’s no tie-breaker scheduled.

If a cricket match is supposed to be played for 6 hours or 90 overs (a specific number of balls), but it rains or something else happens that causes play to be stopped, then a “reserved day” will be used to make up for the lost time.

For example, if it rains and the first day of the match loses one hour of play. The teams will try to make up for that lost time by the end of the day. But if the game loses an entire day of play. Then the teams won’t have enough time to play for the full 6 hours, or 90 overs required. So, they’ll have to play on the reserved day instead.

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