Mohammad Amir Is Slated To Play In The IPL 2024

Rumors are swirling about Mohammad Amir, a fast bowler from Pakistan, playing in the IPL 2024. What’s so special about that? Well, you see, Amir is married to a British citizen and is just one year away from getting his British passport. This means he could not only play in the IPL but also represent England in international cricket. However, in a recent interview, Amir made it clear that he has no plans to play for England. Because he has already played enough for Pakistan.

It’s important to note that Pakistani players have not been allowed to play in the IPL since 2008. So, if Amir does feature in the IPL 2024. He would become only the second Pakistani national team player to play in the tournament. It’s quite a big deal!

How is this possible, you might wonder? Well, it all comes down to Amir’s non-resident Pakistani passport. Having a passport from another country could open doors for him, just like we’ve seen with players like Imran Tahir, who played in the IPL because he had South African citizenship.

Two IPL teams that can pick Mohammad Amir in IPL 2024

If Amir joins the IPL in 2024, it will bring an exciting twist to the tournament. All the teams in the league are always trying to improve their squads, and having a player like Amir would be a great advantage. Fans can look forward to watching thrilling cricket if Amir plays for either the Mumbai Indians or the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The IPL in 2024 is full of possibilities and excitement. Mohammad Amir is currently in the process of getting a British passport, which makes teams in the IPL think about including him in their squads. For teams like the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, having Amir on their side would strengthen their bowling lineup. We will have to wait and see where Amir decides to go, but cricket fans around the world are eagerly waiting to find out.

How Amir’s Inclusion can benefit Mumbai and Bangalore

Amir is good at fast bowling. He can be a great addition to the Royal Challengers team. His skills and tactics can help the team do even better. However, when the game gets intense, he knows how to get important wickets. This can make a big difference for the team.

A team like Mumbai Indians would surely be bidding for Mohammad Amir. They need a bowler like Amir who can bowl with pace and swing in the death overs. Facing a left-arm pacer is always a challenge for batsmen. In the T20 format of cricket, no total is safe. But with the likes of Amir, you still have a hope to defend it.


The possibility of Mohammad Amir playing in the IPL 2024 has caused quite a buzz. With his British passport on the horizon, teams in the IPL are considering including him in their squads. The Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore are two teams that would greatly benefit from having Amir on their side.

In 2020 Mohammad Amir announced his retirement from international cricket. Because he was not happy with the team management of PCB. But later he expressed his wish to play for the country again. Now he is about to get British citizenship and with this, new opportunities will open for him. Right now, Amir’s availability in IPL 2024 is uncertain even after he gets the passport. We all know it takes a lot when it comes to playing in IPL. Before IPL 2024 the world cup is going to take place in October 2023. There are rumors that Mohammad Amir could come back from his retirement and play the world cup for Pakistan. If this happens then his performance in the world cup could help him to showcase his ability to play further in the IPL 2024.

As fans, we can’t wait to see which team he chooses and to witness his outstanding performances on the cricket field. The IPL in 2024 is filled with possibilities and excitement, and Amir’s potential participation adds an extra level of anticipation to the tournament. Let’s stay tuned and see what happens!

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